Established in 1832, Janney Montgomery Scott LLC provides comprehensive financial advice and superior service to individual, corporate and institutional investors. A full-service, financial services Firm, Janney is committed to providing our clients advice through a wealth management approach by focusing on the delivery of strategic financial plans that utilize a variety of financial products and services best suited to help meet their financial goals. Janney is equally committed to providing our corporate and institutional clients objective advice for the successful execution of their unique business plans. Janney provides advice and service to clients through a network of professionals in branch offices located along the entire east coast. Janney is an independently operated subsidiary of The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company, the fifteenth largest mutual insurance company in the nation based on capital, and is a member of the New York Stock Exchange, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation.

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                               JANNEY'S HISTORICAL TIMELINE


2010 Janney Montgomery Scott LLC is the largest Philadelphia-based financial services firm.  We hold assets under management in the amount of over $50 billion, have over 100 offices with the majority in various locations along the East Coast and employs nearly 2,000 employees.
2007 Janney Montgomery Scott LLC celebrates its 175th anniversary; Timothy C. Scheve joins the Firm as President and CEO.
2005 Parker/Hunter Incorporated is acquired by Janney Montgomery Scott LLC
1999 Janney Montgomery Scott, Inc. changes its corporate structure and is renamed Janney Montgomery Scott LLC
1982 Janney Montgomery Scott, Inc. acquired by The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company
1978 Janney Montgomery Scott, Inc. and Hoppin, Watson Inc. merge
1971 Janney, Battles & E.W. Clark, Inc. and Montgomery Scott & Co. merge to become Janney Montgomery Scott Inc.
1960 Janney, Dulles & Battles, Inc. merges with E.W. Clark & Co. and becomes Janney, Battles & E.W. Clark, Inc.
1956 In January, Janney & Co. acquires Wurts, Dulles & Co., becoming Janney, Dulles & Co. In December, Janney Dulles & Co. acquires Winthrop H. Battles, changing the name to Janney, Dulles & Battles, Inc.
1929 Col. Montgomery starts Montgomery Scott & Co.
1921 Montgomery Clothier & Tyler is renamed Janney & Co.; Col. Montgomery leaves the firm
1911 Walter Janney joins Montgomery Clothier & Tyler
1907 Col. Robert L. Montgomery co-founds Montgomery Clothier & Tyler in Philadelphia
1904 Wurts, Dulles & Co. established
1890 Battles & Co. is founded
1837 E.W. Clark & Co. is established
1832 Lawrence Turnure & Co. is formed— later merges with T.L. Watson & Co. to become Hoppin, Watson, Inc.; Thomas Watson purchases seat on the NYSE