Diverse Products for Diverse Needs

Stock Selection and Research

Janney Montgomery Scott’s approach to investing concentrates on identifying sound companies which appear to be significantly undervalued in relation to current or normalized earnings, asset value or cash flow. Such securities frequently provide a better, riskadjusted total return than those who prices reflect anticipated favorable developments.

Retirement Planning

How much will you need to maintain your standard of living during retirement? Will you outlive  your assets? Prepare now for later years by developing a financial road map. I will work with you to prepare for your financial security during retirement.

Estate Planning

A comprehensive plan for investments includes a retirement program and estate planning along with education funding, insurance analysis and tax planning. Your personalized plan can help you achieve investment objectives at each stage of your life.

Mutual Funds

Investors who lack the time or expertise to track the market often find mutual funds an attractive alternative. High-quality mutual funds from major investment companies are popular vehicles to meet all types of investment goals.

Fixed Income

If you prefer investments which offer a fixed rate of return when held to maturity, you may prefer to consider government, corporate or municipal bonds. I can assist you in the purchase of such  investments or recommend both taxable and tax-free bonds for your consideration.

Tax-Advantaged Investments

Numerous securities offer tax-free or tax-deferred income to enable you to reduce the current taxes you pay on investment income. I can acquaint you with tax-free municipal bonds, tax-free bond funds, unit trusts and tax-deferred annuities.

Investment Consulting

Many investors with significant assets have recognized the need for professional guidance due to the ever increasing complexities of money management today. For these investors, I provide a thorough review of your objectives and requirements-and then recommend investment managers who are particularly skilled at helping you meet the needs you have identified. The consulting process offers a continuous, systematic  method of planning, implementing and  evaluating your investment goals.

Advisory-based Products

With our advisory-based investment options, you can choose to pay an annual fee based on your account’s value. When securities are bought or sold through your account, you will incur no separate or additional fees.

Government Securities

Janney offers a range of securities from the U.S. government and its agencies.

The fixed-income investor can select from:

     • Treasury bills

     • Zero coupon bonds

     • Mortgage-backed securities (including collateralized mortgage obligations)

     • GNMA Government Guaranteed

Also available are bond mutual funds which can invest in a portfolio of government securities.